The road map to resilience, performance and wellbeing in sport.

SWIFT is our holistic framework for thriving in sport, that we use across all our She Thrives In Sport Initiatives.

Informed by research, evidence and experience, SWIFT is a straightforward way to organize and understand the skills, techniques and concepts that lead to success and happiness in sport.

  • Skills

    The typical, often practical skills of being a high-functioning elite athlete: goal setting, sleep, planning & preparation, and having an internal locus of control.

  • Willpower

    Willpower is the tenacious characteristics of an elite athlete: motivation, confidence, self-talk, grit, persistence, mental toughness, commitment.

  • Insight

    Insight is a look into yourself – your awareness of your body and mind, your movements and your thoughts. Your capacity to regulate your nerves. Your attention, focus and visualization.

  • Fun

    Fun is your experience of positive emotion, optimism, engagement and flow in what you do. It is also a look at some barriers to a female athlete's positive affect.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork is having positive and productive relationships with all parts of the team: within the team, the athlete-coach dynamic, friends and family.