Gain confidence and direction with personalized performance coaching. Amber will help you develop a detailed, personal plan for success.

  • Discover your unique strengths.

  • Overcome your particular challenges.

  • Devise clear objectives and goals.

  • Formulate actions required to meet your goals.

  • Find the motivation and confidence you need.

  • FREE 20-minute introductory consultation

Amber Halliday

Dr Amber Halliday OLY is an Olympian, three-time world champion, doctor of psychology and trauma survivor. She is also a educator at all levels, having taught pre-schoolers, coached adolescents, and presented to corporate audiences. Amber combines her academic knowledge with her unique lived experience to help grow the resilience, improve the performance and foster the wellbeing of female athletes.

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  • How does this work?

    By adding the THRIVE COACHING 'course', and paying for it at checkout, you will be purchasing three one-hour sessions with Dr Amber Halliday OLY.

  • Yeh, but how *will* this work?

    Sessions will be conducted remotely on a video chat platform that works with the web, Apple or Android phones. The THRIVE COACHING course contains detailed information that you will be able to access after purchase.

  • Is Dr Amber Halliday OLY a psychologist?

    No. Dr Amber Halliday OLY is a doctor of psychology, but is not licensed to practice psychology - there is a difference. A doctor of psychology has a PhD in psychology, having specialized in research. Not all licensed psychologists have the title of doctor. If you wish to address a mental illness, please see a licensed psychologist.

  • So why should I do this?

    THRIVE COACHING sessions are holistic consultations to discover your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and develop your performance plan in the context of cultivating your resilience and wellbeing. Amber is also a really good listener, so she is there for that too!

  • I'm still not sure.

    Then email Amber at to arrange a FREE 20-minute consultation. This will allow you and Amber to have a casual chat about where you are, where you'd like to be, and to see if you'd like Amber's help to get there!