Designed for female athletes.

For those beginning their serious sport pathway, and for those on their way.
Validated for 12 years of age and above.

By taking this course you will;

  • Build a healthy mindset for performance that is not at the expense of wellbeing.

  • Understand and develop resilience.

  • Be able to manage anxiety.

  • Combat negative self-talk.

  • Be better motivated.

  • Be able to keep focus and deal with distractions.

  • Learn techniques for emotional and physiological regulation.

  • Be better able to tolerate pain and discomfort.

  • Learn about goal setting and goal getting.

Your Instructor

Learned, experienced, insightful.

Amber Halliday

Dr Amber Halliday OLY is an Olympian, three-time world champion, doctor of psychology and trauma survivor. She is also a educator at all levels, having taught pre-schoolers, coached adolescents, and presented to corporate audiences. Amber combines her academic knowledge with her unique lived experience to help grow the resilience, improve the performance and foster the wellbeing of female athletes.

Course Outline

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Increase your resilience, improve your performance, and foster your wellbeing.